Edin Films offers incredible aerial video footage and photography using our Phantom 4 Pro+ drone, which films in 4K. With a GVC and an Operational Authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority (which replaced the PfCO or Permission for Commercial Operation from December 2020), we can deliver both day and night flights with a qualified pilot.

The GVC means that our pilots have undergone both a written exam and a practical test with a CAA-approved training provider, giving you the assurance that we will get the amazing aerial shots you want while observing health and safety protocols and adhering to UK aviation law. We are fully insured, with public liability up to £5m, which can be increased if needed.

Our drone operators are from a cinematography background, flying with an eye for framing and camera movement.

Whether it’s an aerial tracking shot of a boat leaving the harbour, a picturesque establishing shot of the countryside, or a Hollywood-style crane shot, if you are looking for high quality aerial video, then get in touch.

Always ask to see a copy of the GVC, Operational Authorisation, and evidence of insurance when hiring a commercial drone operator – we are always happy to provide these on request.